Online services

How does online therapy work?

Online sessions may involve one or a combination of the following structures:
Please note that these examples are related to our main client group - complex communication needs 

  • Online feedback: e.g. Families/staff to run through usual activities and live feedback provided

  • Training and upskilling: e.g. screen-sharing for families/staff newer to augmentative communication devices who need upskilling

  • Video feedback consultations: e.g. Families/staff provide videos of activities done prior to session and feedback and discussion of next steps provided in consultations

  • Resource provision (e.g. visual aids) and home programs.

How to set it up

Zoom works across multiple devices. You may have one or few devices (e.g. a laptop with webcam, or phone or tablet) that gets a good view of your lounge room, dining room study - wherever the action takes place! For example, a child can be playing on the floor with their parent while a device has been set up on the shelf or couch nearby. 


Evidence for online therapy: 

The position paper, Telepractice in Speech Pathology (Speech Pathology Australia, 2014) outlines evidence regarding therapy services through videoconferencing being as effective as face-to-face services. Here is the link if you wish to access this: 


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