Farhin travels to your home or day service to provide Speech Pathology assessment, intervention (therapy) and training. Areas serviced include south-east Melbourne in municipalities such as Bayside, Frankston, Kingston, Monash, Stonnington and Port Phillip. Services follow the 2019-20 NDIS price guide and are provided to plan-managed and self-managed NDIS clients.


COVID-19 UPDATE 3/04/2020: 

Due to the current circumstances around novel coronavirus, everyone's safety comes first! I have transitioned clients online and offering teletherapy appointments through Zoom. Learn: How does online therapy work?

Areas of practice: 


Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC)

Farhin works mainly with children and adults who may need or use AAC. These are alternative methods of communicating such as a speech generating app or device. This provides a 'voice'  or an alternate way to communicate for those whose speech alone does not meet their daily needs.  Farhin ensures that time is spent with family, carers and/or staff so that they can support the person with complex communication needs in real life settings.

Language therapy

Language therapy addresses needs relating to using, understanding and expressing language.

This can cover a broad range of areas such as vocabulary use, langauge for social interactions, following directions. 

Farhin has experience in providing play-based intervention using Hanen More than Words and is also trained in Intensive Interaction. Learn more:

Speech therapy (for speech production) 

Farhin has experience in working with speech impairments in populations such as Down Syndrome and children and adults with dysarthria.

Farhin is trained in PROMPT therapy for treating motor speech disorders such as apraxia of speech. Learn more:


Voice therapy (transgender and general)

This addresses problems with your voice quality (e.g. rough, breathy) and projection.

Farhin has additional experience and interest in providing voice feminisation therapy for trans women

Farhin is a Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) certified clinician. This is a treatment program for vocal loudness in Parkinson's Disease.  


Farhin has experience in supporting teachers and staff in addressing reading and writing skills in the special education setting.

This may involve areas such as, decoding letter-sounds to read a text, understanding what one has read or accessing alternative writing tools.

Mealtime management

Farhin has experience in assessing those who have difficulties eating and drinking safely. Farhin can provide you with mealtime management plans and training to family and staff.


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